Stolen Dreams
类型 Optional Quest
要求 Reach Mastery Rank 3
奖励 Ether Daggers Blueprint
Orokin Catalyst Blueprint

“被偷走的梦”是一个关于搜索Arcane Codices的任务,几个不同的势力都对这个神秘的人工制品很感兴趣。 Stolen Dreams is a Quest involving the search for Arcane Codices, enigmatic artifacts which several different factions have expressed an interest in.


玩家到达精通等级3后,任务通过资料库解锁。 This quest is unlocked from the Codex once a player has reached Mastery Rank 3.

航道幽影更新后,任务通过完成火卫一接合点触发,但是依然要求玩家达到精通等级3。 Since the Specter of the Rail update, the new trigger for this quest is supposed to be completing Phobos Junction, but the quest continues to trigger at Mastery Rank 3 regardless.

Lotus了解到Grineer已经挖掘到Arcane Codices的最后一部分,即将破译它们。然而一个职业盗贼,Maroo,偷走了最后一块碎片并藏了起来,破坏了Grineer的计划。 The Lotus learns that the Grineer have unearthed the last of the Arcane Codices in order to decipher their nature. The Grineer's plans are dashed however when Maroo, a professional thief, steals the last piece of the Arcane Codices and goes into hiding.

捕获Maroo: Tharsis, 火星编辑

Lotus对资料库很感兴趣,派出Tenno去寻找并捕获Maroo,后者正躲藏在火星Tharsis的一个Corpus基地。Lotus解释说数十年以来Arcane Codices都是一个谜,它们刚刚被挖掘出来,没有人知道它们是什么。 Expressing an interest in the Codices, the Lotus sends the Tenno to find and capture Maroo, who was hiding in a Corpus base on Tharsis, Mars. The Lotus explains that the Arcane Codices have been a mystery for decades since they were first unearthed, with no one knowing what they are.

捕获目标Maroo使用Aklex,能够运用Smoke Screen技能从视野中消失来逃避追捕者。Maroo倒下后同Tenno一样,也能使用她的武器来保护自己,所以捕获时需要小心。 As a Capture target, Maroo wields an Aklex pair, and can use Smoke Screen to turn invisible to evade pursuers. Also, Maroo has the ability to defend herself with her weapons when downed, similar to Tenno, and thus care must be taken when attempting capture.

捕获过程中,Lotus向Maroo介绍了自己,并试图说服她同Tenno一起是她最好的选择。 During capture, Lotus introduces herself to Maroo, and attempts to persuade her that coming with the Tenno is in her best interest.

捕获后,在对Maroo的审讯中,Tenno发现了一段视频信息,原来Maroo是被Tyl Regor雇佣来从被遗弃的废船找回Arcane Codex碎片的。但是因为她讨厌Grineer,所以她给了一个假的并把真的卖给了Corpus。经过Lotus的劝说,Maroo同意接受Lotus的保护并透露了Arcane Codex的所在地。 After capture, the Tenno receive a video transmission of Maroo's interrogation, where she reveals that Tyl Regor had hired her to retrieve the Arcane Codex piece from an Orokin Derelict. Due to her dislike of the Grineer however, she gave the Grineer a fake, and sold the Arcane Codex to the Corpus. After being persuaded of the danger the Grineer pose to her, Maroo agrees to the Lotus' offer of protective custody in exchange for revealing the location of the Arcane Codex.

Arcane Codex I: Unda, Venus编辑

Maroo的信息显示,Corpus的Arcane Codex碎片位于金星Unda的哨站里。玩家通过一个间谍任务从Corpus取得资料库数据。在任务中,Maroo会通知玩家这次任务的基本点:每个Data Vault都由一系列摄像头和激光栅栏组成的安全系统所保护,触发警报会导致Data Vault在30秒后自毁,除非玩家能够入侵数据控制台。玩家必须获取所有3个Data Vaults。 With Maroo's info, the Arcane Codex piece in the Corpus' possession is found to be held in a Corpus Outpost on Unda, Venus. The Tenno are thus tasked with a Spy mission to retrieve the Codex data from the Corpus by accessing three secure Data Vault rooms and hacking them. During the mission, Maroo will inform the player of the basics of this mission: Each Data Vault comes with a wide array of security systems including cameras and trip lasers, and tripping the alarms will cause the Vault to trigger a 30-second data destruction sequence in which the data will be destroyed unless the player can hack the data console. All three Data Vaults must be accessed before extraction can become available.

一旦任务成功完成,Ordis会说Corpus拥有3块碎片,Grineer拥有2块。Corpus认为资料库指向一个失落的Orokin宝藏,Ordis认为靠谱,which piques Maroo's interest。 Once the mission is successfully completed, Ordis states that the Corpus have three pieces of the Arcane Codex, while the Grineer have two, and he muses about the Corpus believing the Codex to lead to a lost Orokin treasure, which piques Maroo's interest.

Arcane Codex II: Pantheon, Mercury编辑

这次Tenno前往水星Pantheon的Grineer船舰去夺回他们的两块碎片。和上次任务相思,Grineer将碎片储存在了3处独立的Data Vaults中,保护严密:巡回的感应调整者和电磁能量门都能够触发警报及自毁程序。任务中,Maroo提到Grineer相信这些碎片能够提供给他们治愈基因退化的方法,Maroo对此不以为然。 This time the Tenno are sent to a Grineer Galleon on Pantheon, Mercury to retrieve two of their Arcane Codices. As with the previous mission, the Grineer have stored the Codices on three separate Data Vaults, which include defenses such as roving Sensor Regulators and Magnetic b.png Magnetic energy doors, which can trigger alarms to initiate the data destruction sequence if alerted. During the mission, Maroo mentions that the Grineer believe the Codices will provide them the cure to their genetic degradation, though she dismisses this as wishful thinking.

成功完成任务后,Ordis感叹于Arcane Codices书写的完美,Maroo打趣说他们现在甚至不知道这到底是什么东西。 After successfully completing the mission, Ordis gushes at the perfection of the Arcane Codices' writing, while Maroo quips that even then they don't know what the Codices are.

Arcane Codex III: Roche, Phobos编辑

下一个碎片位于火卫一Roche的Corpus船舰上,和前两次一样被储存在3个Data Vaults中,玩家必须小心触发警报。 The next set of Arcane Codices are located on a Corpus Ship on Roche, Phobos, and as with the previous codices are stored on three secure Data Vaults that must be breached with care to prevent alarms.

任务后,Ordis发现所有的碎片组成的代码只能够通过一种特定的机器读取,而这种机器已经不复存在。Ordis的想法引起了Maroo的注意,Maroo告诉他这个Arcane Codex是从被遗弃的Orokin废船里某种机器获取的。Lotus派出Tenno去寻找这台机器。 Post-mission, Ordis realizes that the complete set of Arcane Codices form a code that can only be read by a machine, which he assumes is now unusable. Ordis' musings catch Maroo's attention, who informs him that the Arcane Codex she retrieved from the Orokin Derelict came from some kind of machine. With Ordis hypothesizing that said machine Lotus sends the Tenno on a mission to find the machine.

The Arcane Machine: Alator, Mars编辑

通往这艘废船的Orokin传送门位于火星Alator的Grineer殖民地,可是殖民地已经被感染者占领。玩家必须一路杀到通往废船的传送门。机器位于一个大而特别的房间,中间有一个基座可以用于上传Arcane Codex。Maroo期望中的宝藏并没有出现,取而代之的是一段音频信息:

All-All is silent- Hushed-hushed and empty is-is-is the womb of the sky.

All is silent and calm. Hushed and empty is the womb of the sky.

玩家随后会被Arcane Boiler以及其他几种感染者袭击。击退感染者后,Lotus得出这里并没有他们需要的东西并指示玩家撤离。撤离后,玩家会得到Orokin催化剂以及Ether Daggers的蓝图奖励。 The player will then be attacked by an Arcane Boiler and several Infested units which they must fight off. The Lotus concludes that there is nothing more for them in the Derelict, and instructs the player to extract. Upon extraction, players will be awarded blueprints for an Orokin Catalyst and the Ether Daggers.

Ordis很困惑Arcane Codex并不是他们所期望的东西,也向Maroo道歉。尽管很失望,Maroo解释说她作为一个自由职业者,已经习惯了低报酬;而且由于Grineer威胁的消失,她决定独自离开。 Ordis expresses his confusion at the Arcane Codex not being what they expected and expresses his apologies to Maroo. Despite her dismay, Maroo explains that she is used to low payouts due to being a freelancer, and with the threat of the Grineer gone, she sets off on her own way.

在被遗弃的Orokin废船上,玩家很有可能会发现一个藏着堕落Mod的Orokin宝库。和往常一样,小队必须拥有一个匹配的龙钥来解锁宝库。 While on the Orokin Derelict ship, it is possible to find an Orokin Vault containing a Corrupted mod. As always, the team must have a matching Dragon Key to unlock the vault.


  • Lotus并不喜欢Maroo对待Tenno居高临下的态度,在Maroo询问Tenno技能的时候变得更加激动,甚至威胁将这个盗贼送到Grineer的手中。
  • The Lotus appears to have no fondness for Maroo's condescending treatment of the Tenno, becoming more agitated than usual when Maroo questions their abilities, even threatening to leave the thief to the hands of the Grineer.
  • 扫描中枢碎片会给你火星数据,即时任务是在另一个星球(BUG)。
  • Scanning Cephalon Fragments will give you Mars data, even if mission is on another planet (BUG)
  • Arcane Machine播放的神秘信息来自于玛雅人的创世经书《波波尔乌》。这段摘录对应于最初的地球。
  • The cryptic message broadcasted by the Arcane Machine is a translated quote from the Popol Vuh, an ancient Mayan text. The excerpt in particular concerns primordial Earth.
    • 数据挖掘显示这段信息的文件名为“DSQRaidMachine0640SentientVoice”,暗示声音属于Sentient,尽管还有可能是DE转移注意力的阴谋。
    • File:Spoiler.png
      Datamining reveals that the message's file name is "DSQRaidMachine0640SentientVoice", suggesting that the voice belongs to a Sentient, though it could just be a red herring on Digital Extremes' part.
    • 在新疑谜团中,中枢Simaris告诉玩家声音的生物学签名来自Tenno原型,问题更加复杂了。
    • In The New Strange, Cephalon Simaris tells the player that the biological signature of the voice is of Tenno Origin, causing even more confusion.