In General编辑

和所有BOSS战一样,在和Raptor交战前先清理场地中的其他Corpus。 由于其飞行速度非常快并且拥有毁灭性的空袭能力,在开放场地战斗时十分不明智的自杀行为。和它战斗的最佳办法是隐藏在场地中央的建筑物里,它可以保护你免受高爆能量螺栓和制导导弹的攻击。从建筑中出来进行短时间射击后立刻躲会建筑物内可以帮助你躲避即将来临的空中打击。 因此,高精度的武器非常适合这次战斗,例如 Lex瓦斯托Snipetron Vandal, VectisLanka

After taking approximately 1/3 of its health in damage, Raptor will enter an invulnerable state and launch a series of 10 missiles. These have high damage, a very large blast radius, and the blast graphic remains on the screen for an extended length of time, making it difficult to target Raptor. Due to the large blast radius, dodging these missiles can be extremely difficult, and with their knockback, being hit by an early missile in the volley spells almost certain death. The best plan is to either find cover in the basement arena while this is going on or to utilize Warframe abilities for survival. Raptor will also periodically re-enter this state, always firing a barrage of 10 missiles.

Utilizing Warframe's Abilities编辑

Frost's Snow Globe will block any of its attacks as long as it stays outside the Globe, allowing a fight in the open. Try not to resort to larger Snow Globe to reduce the risk of the boss coming inside. However, a larger snow globe can more easily shield from the large blast of the missile barrage, and if the boss enters the globe, the significant reduction in movement and firing rate makes it far easier to bring down if you want to risk being close. Determine your strategy before entering the battle.

Mag's Bullet Attractor will redirect Raptor's bolt back to itself, allowing you to fight in the open safely. Note that it will not redirect its missile barrage which releases at every 1/3 increment of its health. This ability is also a great complementary for shotgun and non-hitscan weapon users as the sphere will make the target much larger.

Banshee's Sonar allows the Raptor's entire body to be marked as the weakness due to the hitbox itself being small, opening up easy yet massive damage to the boss. Remember that this forces Raptor's health down fast enough that it will use homing rockets almost immediately.

Vauban's Tesla grenades are extremely effective if thrown on top of a box or another high location in the arena, each will strike repeatedly with electric damage wearing the boss down quickly. A Stretch mod can help increase the range of the grenades.

Rhino's Rhino Stomp can be used to freeze Raptor's position for the duration of the slow effect. This is useful if a non-hitscan weapon like Supra is used. As with other boss battles with resisting phases, the boss will still be invincible even before it clapped its wings.

Volt's Electric Shield, like Frost's Snow Globe, will block all attacks that pass through. Electrical damage is also applied to your weapon, and will help the fight go by faster. However, since the shield isn't sufficiently large, you may need to cast it multiple times when in out in the open. One way to use this is to stand directly outside of the door of the shelter in the middle of the arena, have Raptor directly above you, then use Electric Shield.