震地冲击 允许一个 Warframe 通过极重的落地来创造一个震荡波击倒敌人


MOD等级 基础范围 基础伤害 消耗点数 战力
0 1m 50 4 C5
1 2m 100 5 C8
2 3m 150 6 C11
3 4m 200 7 C14
4 5m 250 8 C17
5 6m 300 9 C20


  • 冲击波的攻击倍数取决于落地速度
    • 至少16 m/s 才能达到 1倍攻击 的要求
    • 32 m/s 能达到 2倍攻击 , 48m/s 能达到 3倍攻击 (以此类推)..
    • 攻击范围的范例: 16m/s是1倍大小, 24m/s 是1.5倍大小 (以此类推)...
  • 一些近战武器会比脚更先到达地面,这意味着震地冲击不会被启动
  • 冲击的颜色取决于你战甲的能量颜色


  • This Mod synergizes well with Excalibur's Super Jump, Vauban's Bounce, Nova's Worm Hole, Valkyr's Rip Line and Zephyr's Dive Bomb.
    • Dive Bomb triggers Heavy Impact on any height -even a short jump- and gains additional damage from Heavy Impact as a result. This allows Heavy Impact to be used even in low corridors and rooms.
    • Using Rip Line to travel into a pack of enemies by targeting the ceiling can be devastating when combined with a weapon that has a Ground Slam attack with a large radius.
  • Jumping off a ledge into a pit will often cause Heavy Impact to activate upon teleporting back up.


  • Heavy Impact was added in Update 9. Up until Update 11, the strength of the shockwave was dependent on how long players were airborne, with wall sliding counting towards that. In some cases entire rooms could be cleared out just by grabbing a high enough wall and sliding down to the ground.
  • This mod uses the same visual effects as Seismic Shockwave, a ground-pound technique used by some enemies.
  • Enemies weak enough to be killed from the shockwave will have their bodies pulverized entirely.


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