Burning Wasp is one of two available Stance mods for Whip type weapons. It is a specialized Stance that trades speed for range, its focused lashing attacks being able to hit targets from deceptively long ranges.

Can be equipped on:

*Denotes weapon with matching Stance Mod polarity.


Move Button Combination
Buzzing Sting EEE
Sparking Torture EE Pause E200%E200%2x
Guided Claw E Hold E200%E
Spiral Cut Slide + E
Mountain's Chisel In Air + E
Weightless Steel Wallrun + E
Resounding Fear Aiming at Downed Enemy + E
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 Players E = R1
  • Xbox Players E = RB


  • Equipping this Stance increases the weapon's Stamina cost per swing by 25%.
  • Last hit of Buzzing Sting has a 100% chance to proc.
  • The third hit of Sparking Torture (the one right after the pause) moves the user forward while sweeping the whip in an arc. This is useful for positioning. Like most melee moves with built-in lunge or dash movements, the distance of the movement is affected by attack speed.
  • The finishing hits of the Sparking Torture combo sweeps the air twice a few meters in front of the wielder, but may miss enemies that are too near to the Tenno. The sweeping part of the attack may knock down enemies, which chains well into Resounding Fear (ground finisher).
  • The Guided Claw attack hits all enemies in a straight line. Second hit perform a spin, hitting all targets around the player. Third hit launches the whip forward.
  • If Hold E is performed during Sparkling Torture third attack instead of simply tapping E, the final attack of Buzzing Sting will be performed.

Tips 编辑

  • Positioning is important when using this Stance, to take advantage of the range of its attacks.


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