Tile Sets are the environment in which players accomplish missions. They are randomly put together using "Tiles" from 10 unique sets with at least 30 tiles in each set including start rooms, end/extraction rooms, arena/boss rooms, hallways, defense and so on.

Tile Sets can have environmental modifiers called 危机 that change warframe stats or damage warframes such as sub-zero degrees (decreasing shields) and fire (damages the player and puts all enemies on alert). Some tiles feature dynamic terrain with moving cargo containers, specially made areas for parkour activities, zip lines, and randomly placed explosives. There are more tiles coming in the future.

DECorpusGasCity Corpus燃气城市


Consists of a mission aboard a gas harvesting facility stationed in the Corpus city on Jupiter.The tileset consists of a mixture of exposed balconies, heavy industrial machinery (such as gas extractors and smelters) and vast hallways, lit by an eternal sunset. Like on Corpus ships, there are automated Turrets, Cameras, and MOA 恐鸟储存柜.

DECorpusShipC Corpus飞船


Consists of a mission aboard a Corpus space vessel. An environmental hazard, where windows can be broken, is always in effect. Breaking the windows causes a lockdown in the current area you are in, a muffled sound effect as if air is being forced out of the area, and slowly damaging players and enemies in the area. You must hack a nearby console which will stop the lockdown and seal the broken window section from the outside with hull flaps. There are automated Turrets, Cameras, and MOA 恐鸟储存柜 that randomly produce a MOA once in a while, depending if you are in an alerted status. Usually very hard to complete using 偷袭 as cameras can alert turrets of your presence.

DEColony Corpus哨站


Consists of a mission within a Corpus facility located in a mountain range. The outside is always snowy and covered with ice (regardless of the fact that some missions take place in locations where such natural formations would not exist, such as 海王星) while the interiors are a mixture of tight corridors and open hangars.. Sometimes cargo transports land inside hangars, and distant 护盾鱼鹰s can be seen flying around behind the cliffs, although they are just part of the scenery and cannot be shot.

DEGrineerAsteroid Grineer小行星


Consists of a mission inside of an asteroid that the Grineer have hollowed out and are actively mining. The majority of these missions consist of caves and tight quarters. 破坏 missions require destroying mining machines to halt the mining of minerals that would aid in the creation of energy weapons (assumed to be due to its description). In mobile defense missions, you must protect an Orokin artifact(cryopod), which seems to be uncovered from the asteroid.

DEGrineerGalleon Grineer巨舰


Consists of a mission aboard a Grineer space vessel. It is littered with various machines, generators and pistons, and has a rough industrialized look to it. Many pathways exist and it is relatively tight quarters, with open areas having plenty of cover. They also include 感应条s over some doors and plenty of 电弧陷阱s scattered through the level.

DESettlement Grineer营地


Consists of a mission on the Grineer-affiliated colonies on 火卫一. This tile set has a barren desert theme, with the Grineer facilities being built over existing ruins, presumably constructed by the Orokin or a civilisation pre-dating them. This is the first "planet" to be completely controlled by the Grineer, the first to have a dual boss battle (Vor上尉 and Lt. Lech Kril), and the first to introduce a hostile indigenous species, the 沙漠鳐鱼, which is hostile to both players and Grineer. Desert skates do not count for the enemy count in exterminate missions, and due to their hostility it will make 偷袭 missions extremely difficult if not impossible.



Consists of a mission within a Grineer-affiliated spaceship construction facility, located in the mountain ranges of 谷神星. Most of the tileset takes place outdoors, where it is often raining. Ship parts and storage crates are strewn across the area, with some ship building machinery still active. When indoors, the tileset resembles the Grineer Galleon tileset with its claustrophobic corridots offset with vast rooms where the ships are put together.

GrineerForest Grineer丛林


Consists of missions within the forests that have overrun 地球's surface. Players can journey through the foggy wilderness, exploring the overgrown ruins of Grineer structures. This is the first tileset to feature a day-night cycle, changing between day and night every 4 hours.

The tileset also has an indigenous species, the 库狛(野生), that will attack both Grineer and Tenno alike. This makes 偷袭 missions very difficult if not impossible to achieve. They also do not count towards the enemy count in 歼灭 missions.



Consists of missions aboard a heavily Infested Corpus vessel that is nearing complete destruction, thanks to the effects of the virus. A large variety of 危机 also exist in some areas where the ship is heavily destroyed, such as open vacuum. The maze like structure of the destroyed Corpus Ship forces players to seek their path carefully, while escaping from the hordes of Infested.



Consists of a mission in an Orokin habitation block that is harboured in the mysterious 'Void', an external dimension that the Orokin utilised during their war with the Sentients. It is pristine and ornate, the tileset rooms covered with gold trim. There are white, tree-like lifeforms that form part of the decoration, and running water is also used as decor. The facility is still controlled by Orokin A.I.s who utilise the Corrupted as a defence mechanism against any intruders.



Consists of a mission aboard a compromised Orokin facility, which has been taken over by both the Infested, and ancient, overgrown plant life. These ships were compromised due to not making it into the 虚空, where it was safe from the Infestation. The missions share the same tiles as the Orokin Void, but unlike the Void, the facilities themselves have fallen into complete disrepair, and are crumbling and filled with Infestation.



Solar Rails are deployed by the Tenno in order to gain ownership of 黑暗地带. When a Solar Rail is contested in a 黑暗地带冲突, Tenno will be able to fight against the opposing 氏族 or 联盟 in the 星际航道 tileset. The majority of the tileset consists of open space and minimal obstacles, with areas where players can place turrets through editing the Solar Rail's 架构.

Dojo Tower 氏族道场


This tileset is a place only for the Tenno, which are Tenno-built versions of Orokin Towers designed to train, inform, and socialize with other Tenno agents. Although based in-game, this tileset is generally outside the realm of Warframe itself, and is more of a literal gathering of players. By contributing various 资源 you can replicate statues, tiles, PvP arenas, test your speed with a fitness obstacle course, or research powerful weapons to use in the game. The Dojo is also required to build the Banshee, Volt and Zephyr Warframes.



The Liset is the personal ship for the Tenno. It provides the necessary tools for the Tenno to build items, manage their inventory, incubate companions and travel through the Solar System. The Liset can be fully upgraded by collecting ship segments through completing the Vor's Prize quest.