The Foundry is the section of the Liset player ship responsible for the crafting of Warframes, weapons, and sentinels in Warframe using blueprints, resources, credits, and time. The player's currently collected Materials can be seen in under the Components button. It is important to note that duplicates of the same item cannot be built at the same time. Foundry build time continues to countdown even when a player is not logged in. It should be noted that the platinum cost to "rush" construction does not decrease with time and remains fixed throughout the forging process

Forging Warframes编辑

Forging a Warframe requires you to buy the frame blueprint, and then gather three blueprints to craft the components(helmet, chassis, and systems) of the Warframe itself, in addition to the required materials. These are typically dropped from bosses, with most frames having a specific boss associated with them. Exceptions to this include Banshee, Vauban, and Volt, whose parts from clan research, and Mirage whose parts come from a quest. Warframe forging time can be rushed by paying the required amount of Platinum.

Each Warframe Schematic requires a Helmet, Chassis, Systems, a rare resource (either an Orokin Cell or Argon Crystal)and 脚本错误 25,000.

When a Player claims a newly built Warframe from The Foundry, the Warframe will occupy a Warframe slot. Additionally, the four abilities Mods of that Warframe will be added to the Player's inventory.

Forging Weapons编辑

Weapon blueprints require raw materials, credits, and have a build timer (this can be rushed with platinum). The build timer varies from weapon to weapon. Some blueprints are only available as alert rewards, boss drops, or as Orokin Void reward drops.


  • Foundry will be accessible from Warframe's site in the future. (tweet)
  • When crafting a weapon in the Foundry, a solid blue mass in the shape of said weapon will be shown floating within it. The mass will properly appear as the weapon itself once crafting is complete.