A damaged Serration mod.

Damaged Mods are special mods which are weaker versions of already existing mods. Exclusive to the Vor's Prize quest missions, these mods are identified by their images having a cracked glass effect on them, and the word 'DAMAGED' in the description.

There are three types of damaged mods:

  1. Reduced drain, reduced bonus, and max rank 3
  2. Reduced bonus and max rank 3
  3. Max rank 3

While damaged mods come in three different types overall, there is only one type of damaged mod for each named mod. For example, the damaged Serration mod is type 1; there is no type 2 or type 3 damaged Serration in the game.

Type 1 damaged mods are very useful to keep, as they can be used to make low-drain improvements to new Warframes and weapons.
Type 3 can be useful for players who tend to keep unranked copies of mods in reserve, the type 3 serving as an unranked reserve copy.
Type 2 has no use once an undamaged version is found.

An example of the usefulness of a type 1 damaged mod is the damaged Serration. The unranked damaged Serration can be applied to a rifle two levels earlier than an unranked Serration. Alternatively, for the same power drain, a rank 2 damaged Serration provides a +30% Damage bonus vs. the +15% Damage bonus from an unranked Serration.

Nine of these Damaged mods are automatically awarded upon completion of Vor's Prize missions; all are dropped by enemies during Vor's Prize missions.

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  • On the loadout screen, these mods are considered the same cards as their original versions, and cannot be combined, e.g. a damaged Serration cannot be placed on a weapon already equipped with a Serration mod.
  • On the Mods screen, these mods are considered separate, and do not count as duplicates. e.g. fusing a Serration with a damaged Serration counts only as the same polarity, not as a duplicate.
  • Damaged mods do not count towards the Codex. i.e. if you only have the damaged version of a mod, that mod will not show in the Codex. Nor do damaged mods appear as their own entries.
  • Transmutation will not result in a damaged mod. Even transmuting four damaged mods will result in an undamaged mod.
  • These mods can be traded.
  • Update 17.11 allowed to view all existing, unreleased/WIP devbuild mods in Codex. Leak was quickly fixed with update

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